Killeagh bound!

2015 is the year we do something crazy. Crazier than moving across an ocean for love. Crazier than planning a wedding in three months. Crazier than living in seven different places in two years. Which are all things we’ve done since we met in the summer of 2011.

If you don’t know us already, we are Hughie and Jess, an Irish guy and an American girl that met in the South of France. We have a great story. A chance meeting, a whirlwind summer romance, moving to New York City. But it hasn’t all been sunny skies. There’s been loss and struggle, too. Of course we’ve made great friends and grown closer to our family along the way. It’s been an adventure – and it’s time for the next chapter to begin!

In 2015 we are buying a house. An enormous one. In Ireland. And it is going to completely change our lives. The plan is to open an artist’s residency program, providing lodging and workspace to performing and visual artists.

1 Front of HouseBuilt in 1767, our currently nameless home was formerly a guest house and a barracks. It is situated alongside the Dissour River, on the main street in the village of Killeagh, Co. Cork. The original building is three stories tall, and with a few additions over the years. There is also a sizable coach house, and about an acre of pasture and woods.

We will be 10 miinutes from the seaside town of Youghal (pronounced y’all), 15 minutes from the beach, and 15 minutes from Midleton – where Jameson Whiskey is distilled! We are about 30 minutes from Cork City, too.

As you might imagine, a house this size and age will require considerable work. Uninhabited and unheated for over a year, damp has crept in. Beyond the cosmetic, we need to install a heating system, upgrade insulation and damp-proof the ground floor. This incredible opportunity has infused our every waking moment with dreaming, designing and brainstorming. It is both an exciting and daunting task, and we invite you to follow along on our journey on this blog.

Wish us luck!

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