Kitchen Dreams

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s the room I’ve spent the most time planning for, and it’s the part of the house I’m most eager to see come to fruition. It’s also where I’ll probably spend most of my time.

A while ago I shared my plans for the layout, but today I can share some of the decisions we’ve made and a few of the details we are hoping to acheive.

We are going with a classic looking inframe kitchen from Cash & Carry kitchens. It will come primed, and I’m planning to paint it Little Greene’s Hick’s Blue.


Lyndale Inframe Kitchen from Cash & Carry Kitchens

I really want marble countertops, but most likely we will go for the more durable Santa Margherita Victoria quartz countertops.

The Sweetest Digs has a blog about selecting their Victoria countertops, and it was incredibly helpful in making our decision. (photo below from The Sweetest Digs)

Lately, I’ve been trying to firm up which appliances we’ll be buying. The range cooker has been the hardest decision. Paint color, wallpaper and backsplash tiles have been selected. Kitchen BaseMood Board images (clockwise):

  1. Lyndale Inframe Kitchen
  2. Hick’s Blue
  3. Smeg’s Victoria Range Cooker in light blue is on sale this month, putting it in our price range!
  4. Graham & Brown Wallpaper for either side of the chimney breast
  5. Terracotta tiles (We just decided to tile the floor this week. The reclaimed convent flooring will now go in the library, as doing parquet in there is probably outside our budget). I’m having a hard time finding affordable hex tiles in Ireland, but a place here actually makes beautiful square ones.
  6. Morrocan style cement tiles for the backspalsh

Kitchen DetailsIdeas and inspiration (clockwise-ish):

  1. I’m planning to use the copper pipes that came out of the bathroom to make pot racks.
  2. Ikea pendant lights for over the island.
  3. We’re planning to pick up this gamekeeper sink from Centurion Stone.
  4. The pie safe chicken wire doors might be a cheap alternative to glass for the press (closet) in the kitchen.
  5. Thinking about the Waterford Stanley Fionn multi-fuel stove. I love the long legs and that it has a hotplate on top.
  6. We discovered a big arch behind the ugly fireplace. We’re hoping to expose the chimney breast and fix up the brick (fingers crossed) and then place the stove inside.
  7. I love the rustic plank shelving used in this kitchen and would like to do similar in ours.
  8. I will feel so fancy with an “American Fridge/Freezer” as they call them here.
  9. I have two mid-century chairs (similar to this one) to refurbish that will go next to the wood stove.
  10. Looking forward to displaying my blue mason jars on our open shelving.
  11. I couldn’t part with a little red handled rolling pin when we moved, and now I have the perfect use for it as a towel bar attached to the island.

Here’s the layout again:

It sounds corny, but this kitchen is seriously going to feel like a dream come true. Especially with the french doors opening out to the river.

Flux / Progress

Words to describe the last 6 weeks: chaotic, wonderful, changing, tiring, exhillerating, stress inducing, sunny (!), requiring patience, delicious, and with plaster dust everywhere!

A quick recap:

  • I was joined by the inimitable Lisa Cahill and Amy Prendergast for performances of She’s Electric at the Midleton Mid-May Arts Festival. We took on Midleton’s Main Street provocatively wrapped in red tape marked “danger”. Vulnerable, brave, provocative. We had a wonderful response, especially from children (they aren’t afraid to look.) I’m not sure the town knew what hit them!ADSC00638
  • The final push!!! Our amazing friends Cian & Aine came down from Dublin, and along with our neighbour Colm we got the last of the plaster down and out of the house. Then we grilled black pudding burgers and drank sangria. No one leaves here hungry after a hard day’s work.

  • ColmIMG_7118.JPG was with us almost daily, weekends and evenings after work, for about three weeks. He helped us scrape clean the Victorian tiles we uncovered, move the rest of the furniture up to the third story, fill two dump trailers with rubble, and set up our new “studio apartment” in the back of the house. Literal blood and sweat (fortunately no tears). We are so grateful.

    Our friend Eugene, a dairy farmer up the road, helped us enormously by hauling away all the plaster that came out of the house. We filled TWO of these!!!

  • We got a goat. Ivy (named for her favourite food) is eating away at the field; she’s amazing!  Unfortunately, Elvis the dog has had some issues with this new addition to our family, so we’ve had to scramble to fence off portions of the field for her to graze. A huge relief now that fencing is sorted. She’s lovely and gentle. IMG_0271.JPG
  • THE BUILDERS STARTED!!!!! It’s really happening. As usually happens with construction projects, there was a delay of a week. But now we’re really going. The new windows are ordered. The rotted wood lintels are being replaced with concrete ones. We found quite a lot of damage from the roof leak, but so far (touch wood) it’s the only major issue. The roof will be repaired soon, and a steel beam will be put in over a wide opening in the hall. I’ll try to post some photos soon.

    The first week in November is the estimated finish date.

    The contractor is not elated about our decision to stay in the house, and that’s fair enough. It makes their job more difficult as they work around us. We’ve got temporary water and electricity to the back of the house, but hot water is another story. So showers are limited. Ask me about our adventures in cleanliness in November. Victorian times. 

  • Of course, the delay in starting meant the builders began just as my sister arrived to visit for two weeks, ahhhhh. Actually, it probably kept me out of their hair! I can definitively say that the Jameson Distillery tour in Midleton is way better than the one in Dublin. We ate a lot of tasty food, sampled many stouts and ciders, and marvelled at the buildings older than our home country. Also, we shopped.

    Cassie stayed in Tipsy, the caravan, and loved it. My mother-in-law helped me make new curtains and figure out how to cover the cushions. Here is a sneak peak of the fabulous flamingo wallpaper I put up, but I think the caravan make over deserves its own post when I’m all finished.