Come dine with us

Have I showed you my cast iron clawfoot bathtub? I’m super proud of my bargain finding here-250 euro (new this would be closer to 2,000!) We did have to borrow a trailer and drive to Killarney, but it was so worth it.


The room pictured above will be our dining room, as well as a place where groups can meet and exchange ideas, or classes can be taught.

When we bought the house it was full – nearly to the ceiling, of the most miscellaneous objects. We could, however, see there were beautiful limestone slate floors. Among other things buried in the chaos, we uncovered a brand new BBQ Grill, and ten 7-foot tall inflatable snowmen. I bet you can’t wait for Christmas in Killeagh!


It was so full of stuff, we had no idea that there was an awesome fireplace and oven in the room!


After taking down all of the plaster, we determined that we can’t afford to dry line the room right now. Secretly, we were pleased for the excuse to leave the stone exposed. The engineer warned it will be too cold and damp, but we will wait and see. It can always be dry lined in the future, but meanwhile we will clean up the stone. I suspect the addition of new windows, french doors to the garden, radiators, and a new ceiling will make it feel cozy enough.

I’d like to use lime render plaster, the old-fashioned breathable stuff, to cover the wall where new windows went in. On the two solid walls, I’d like to do a plaster wainscotting half way up, like at Ballyvolane House. I just went to a wedding there and nerded out at getting to see how they did it close up.


Photo of Ballyvolane House Barn from, via Pinterest

I imagine the room will be rustic, with a long table and banquette seating along the window side (or maybe repurposed church pews?) There are six metal framed chairs I found in the house that I plan to refinish for the room. We found fabulous antique wall lights, and are doing a barter for two brass chandeliers. I’d love to decorate with wooden cutting boards and spoons, for warmth.

Does anyone know about plastering and want to give us a hand?