In review, 2016.

Tired. Sticky. Covered in paint and wall paper paste. That’s how we ended 2016. But also with a great feeling of satisfaction over all we’d accomplished during the year.

Slow to start. Dusty. Blistered. 2016 took it’s toll. It was hard to get back into it after the holidays. But we’re flying now. Back at top speed, and then some! We’ve been learning a lot about sanding and refinishing floors, but that’s a story for another post.

In 2016 we:

  • filled 2 dump-trailers full of old wall plaster that came out of the house.
  • spent days tediously uncovering a very old quarry tile floor, so we could move out of the house proper and into this back room “studio” for the duration of the renovation. We cooked on a single burner camping stove (supplemented by a BBQ grill and slow cooker) for 7 months!
  • got Tipsy, our caravan, and did her up to the nines. We hosted three guests from the US and my mother-in-law, and they all loved staying in the cosy, flamingo wallpapered, caravan. 
  • had builders on site from the beginning of June. We’re wrapping up the snag list now!
  • saw our home take shape as loads of stone came out, metal studs went up, then wiring and plumbing, then plasterboard, then plaster, and finally second fixings like light fixtures and radiators.fullsizerender-3
  • developed our organisations values (process!) and devised parameters for the residency program
  • did a 5 week business course at SECAD and developed a business plan.
  • got three guest rooms and the guest bath ready to host visitors. Still more to be done.
  • turned on the heat, hot water, and electricity in the whole house on 21st December! The house had never had a heating system beyond fireplaces before.
  • moved back into our bedroom and kitchen on 22nd December, just in time for Christmas.

As we reflect on 2016, it’s hard to let go of how much more there is to do. Sometimes it overwhelms me. But then we pull up the “before” photos or take someone on a tour who hadn’t visited in months, and all the work becomes visible.

I’ve l15622323_10154947525853689_9107031526873707073_nearned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses this year. I’m learning how to plan further ahead, and am finding ways to stay on task when responsible for shaping my own time. I’m trying to live more in line with the Greywood Arts values. This blog helps keep our process transparent. We must take risks and there will be failures, so I’m trying to let go of fear. It’s enormous, in the back of my mind – what if the whole endeavour fails? In reality, it’s most likely to be learning what succeeds and honing it, and learning what doesn’t work and reshaping it. We will welcome feedback from our guests. And hopefully we will grow, organically, into something we likely can’t even imagine yet.


Announcing our first artist-in-residence

Applications open February 1st for residencies June 2017-May 2018.

Save the Date: Open House 18th February

 Before & After photos of the renovation

(sneak peek below)