Ladder Micro-Residency

Ladder Residency


GREYWOOD ARTS is a welcoming creative space to explore your process. We’re delighted to launch our first experimental Ladder Micro-Residency in November 2018.

Open to writers, visual artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, performers, dancers, actors and any creative makers.

Here’s how it works: Four artists of different disciplines stay at Greywood Arts for four days (3 nights). Each participant will create new work based on what the artist preceding them has made. A theme is suggested to get the first artist going: Within these walls

Accommodation & workspace are provided. Greywood Arts is self-catering.

On Saturday, November 24th, Greywood Arts will host an open studio presentation of all the works. All participating artists are invited and we hope you can come, but we understand this might not be possible if you live far away.

Residency dates:
14-17 November (Wed-Sat)
16-19 November (Fri-Mon)
18-21 November (Sun – Wed)
20-23 November (Sun-Fri)

Download the application here.
Email it to by OCTOBER 5th

Pay your submission fee of €15 at 

Notifications will be sent no later than October 15th.