Safety first!

Some practical and safety considerations for going outside

  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing, footwear and sunscreen, considering the changeable nature of our weather. 
  • Be mindful of traffic and other people. 
  • Consider what might support you if you would like to go outside and explore for a period of time. 
  • Bring a snack.
  • Create a timeframe for your exploration
  • Let someone know that you are going outside

To support your sense of awareness and staying present in the moment.

  • Pause occasionally and tune into you breathing.
  • Do a body scan, feeling the weight and connection of your feet on the earth.
  • Move a little more vigourously.
  • Make physical contact with something. 

Children can be supported by an adult to engage with the tasks. 

 Useful tip for exploring with other members of your household:  Agree on the boundaries of your exploration area before starting. Mark the boundaries together and agree on it together. This is especially important if you are exploring in a large area.