Friday Finds: Skaksperes Works

12181098_10153782746169416_1225405624_o10443124_10153782755569416_7422644243574034252_oIt was Mark Twain who once said; “So far as anybody actually knows and can prove, Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon never wrote a play in his life.” And according to this week’s Friday find, it seems he was right. 

Although I can’t find much about these two collections of his work, it seems the spelling Shakspere, as opposed to the current alternative Shakespeare, was used in print between 1785 and 1873. 

12175794_10153782746174416_1560200550_o     11232093_10153782757314416_7157946596364412315_o

As you can see, while old, the books are still in reasonable condition and they do give off a waft of VOCs. And despite the nonstandard name, the work inside is just as delightful as that other bloke’s.

12176345_10153782746334416_1062746908_o    12032757_10153782756314416_3190197517531881067_o

My personal preference has always been Coriolanus.  
– Gareth

Friday Finds: Killeagh House Accomodation for Guests

Back in the 1960s Peg Ahern ran a guesthouse here. This was the sign outside.


Technically, Killeagh House is the derelict structure across the road. We have a copy of the deed from 1921and it refers to Killeagh House. We think both properties were initially of the same estate, and that’s where the confusion comes from. Also, after 1921, Barrack House might not have been a popular name just after the Anglo-Irish War.

We’ve been using Killeagh House as our address, but are considering giving a nod to the buildings unique history and calling it Barrack House once again. What do you think?