Workspace is accessible 24 hours a day, but quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am. Participants must provide their own tools, equipment, and materials.

  • Writer’s Den: A room with a desk overlooking the river and a cozy spot for reading. It could also be suitable for anyone working mess-free, like curators, researchers, filmmakers, musicians, etc.
  • The Big Studio: Located on the second floor (3rd floor USA), it is 8.8m long by 5.2m wide (28 x 17ft) with high ceilings and a wood floor. Perfect for dance, theatre, movement and other performing artists, but can be used for visual / other art forms if the floor is protected (we have a 3m square lino covering available).

  • Visual Arts Studio: A large, light filled space 5.2m by 5.2m (17 x 17ft) with four south-east facing windows and high ceilings. There is a work table, a drafting table, an easel and a sink. The studio can comfortably accommodate collaborating artists depending on scale of the work. Note the studio is located on the second floor (3rd Floor in the U.S.A.) and is thus not suitable for large scale fabrication.
  • Library: A shared space for reading, writing, and relaxing. A place musicians can gather with their instruments. We are building a collection of works by Irish women writers, books about creative process, as well as a collection of forest themed books through hosting the Arboreal Book Club. The German Schiedmayer piano is likely about 100 years old, and came to us from a nursing home for nuns! It is tuned regularly.The library can be rented for meetings and other events – please contact create at for details.
  • Dining room: A place for groups to gather and eat, or a place to meet and brainstorm around a table. It is adjacent to the library, and can also be used for exhibitions and events.