About Us

Greywood Arts is a welcoming place where meaningful personal and group experiences can happen. We are passionate about creative process, connection and growth. What began as a multidisciplinary artist residency in 2017 has grown to offer participatory educational and cultural events. In 2018, Greywood Arts CLG, a not-for-profit structure, was created to manage publicly funded community and educational programmes and events, as well as the development of the Coach House creative hub

We believe everyone has creative potential, and that rural areas deserve access to quality arts programming. By supporting the practices of professional artists, as well as developing opportunities for for self-expression and social engagement, Greywood Arts helps shape the cultural landscape of East Cork.

What We Do:

Our Goals:

  • to support the creative processes of performing artists, visual artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, arts scholars and other creatives.
  • to provide a site for education, dialogue and engagement.
  • to increase our community’s access to the arts.
  • to offer a warm welcome and make all visitors feel comfortable and supported as they explore, imagine, invent and reflect.
  • to offer a space and programme that fosters empathy and a sense of belonging. 

We Value:

  • Being articulate and transparent about process. A willingness to embrace not-knowing and spontaneity, as well as working with structure, strategy, and parameters.
  • Socially engaged work that is compelling, vital, and timely. We are a place to explore the methods and media that best express those ideas.
  • Risk taking. Pushing boundaries, play, experimentation. Learning from failure as much as success.
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary work. Honing collaborative skills like communication, negotiation, and problem solving. Magic happens in the exchange of ideas and the intersection of media.
  • Work at all stages. Supporting new work and work that reworks ideas.
  • Inclusivity.

Greywood Arts CLG is made up of: 

Artistic Director: Jessica Bonenfant 
Voluntary board members are: Hughie Coogan, Kara Golden, Jamie Hennebry & Danny McCarthy.

The Residency @ Greywood Arts is an artist-run space and home of Jessica Bonenfant & Hughie Coogan.