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Greywood Arts is a multi-disciplinary artist’s residency in Killeagh, East Cork. Artists and creatives in all disciplines are welcome to stay in self-catering accommodation and have access to workspace. We have a movement studio, a visual arts studio, space for writers, and a library with a piano for musicians, as well as a large dining/meeting room.

Greywood is at the foot of Glenbower Wood, a perfect spot for walks and contemplation. Located in the village centre, residents have easy access to shops and amenities.

We support interaction between visiting artists and the local community in the form of work-in-progress showings, demonstrations, readings, or concerts. These encounters should serve the artist’s process, while also exposing a rural village to a vast variety of art forms and art-making processes.

Built in 1767 by agents of an English landlord, the house later was used as an RIC barrack, which was burned out by the IRA in 1920. It subsequently became a sawmill, and later a guesthouse. The village is delighted to see the transformation of a prominent historic home that was on the verge of becoming derelict spring back to life again.

Our Goals:

  • to provide low-cost and no-cost space to artists.
  • to support the creative processes of performing artists, visual artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, arts scholars and other creatives.
  • to provide a site for education, dialogue and engagement.
  • to increase our community’s access to the arts.
  • to offer a warm welcome and make all visitors feel comfortable and supported as they explore, imagine, invent and reflect.

We Value:

  • Being articulate and transparent about process. A willingness to embrace not-knowing and spontaneity, as well as working with structure, strategy, and parameters.
  • Work that is compelling, vital, and timely. We are a place to explore the methods and media that best express those ideas.
  • Risk taking. Pushing boundaries, play, experimentation. Learning from failure as much as success.
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary work. Honing collaborative skills like communication, negotiation, and problem solving. Magic happens in the exchange of ideas and the intersection of media.
  • Work at all stages. Supporting new work and work that reworks ideas.
  • Inclusivity.

Your Hosts: 

Jess & Hughie Garryvoe

Jess & Hughie at Midleton Arts Festival’s Jazz in the Library 2017. Photo by Samantha Agneessens

In early 2015 Hughie and Jessica Coogan took a leap of faith and purchased this property to pursue their crazy dream of opening an artist residency and workshop space. They were envisioning a project where they could turn a place with great history into a site where their skills in the arts and cultural non-profits could intersect. Hughie is originally from Ireland, and the couple saw the space while visiting. When they returned to the U.S. they couldn’t get its potential out of their heads and decided to go for it! Jessica is an American choreographer and was the Creative Director of New York based Lola Lola Dance Theatre. She has an MFA in dance from University of Michigan and has frequently worked in higher education. Hughie, who studied business and French, has worked internationally for various non-profits.


Our cat Cashel is always ready to greet visitors to Greywood. The dogs, Elvis and Miya, are also very friendly. You can find our goat, Ivy, grazing the acre behind the house.

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