Make a May Bush Together with Lisa Cliffe

Friday April 30th 19:00 – 20:00

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Get ready for May Day by decorating your very own ‘bush’ with flowers and other colourful bits. Hang it on your front door for good luck on the eve of May – or better yet, hang it on a friend’s door!

Meeting on Zoom, Lisa will share the May Bush tradition and guide you through the process while we make our boughs. This social event is an opportunity to mark the transition to Bealtaine – or the summer season together virtually and it kicks off the May Sunday Festival. Join the conversation by sharing your own knowledge of the season’s traditions.

May Bushes were traditionally made from hawthorn branches and were erected in farm yards and around villages. Spring flowers such as primrose, gorse, or hawthorn blossoms were gathered and hung from door posts to ward off evil.

Participants will need a branch of any kind and trimmings of your choice – flowers, ribbons, pipe cleaners, eggshells, and any embellishments you desire.

And maybe a cup of tea to sip as we work alongside each other.

For All Ages!


Click to Book here on Eventbrite.

Part of the May Sunday Art Trail which takes place in Glenbower Wood, Killeagh, Cork, Ireland from May 1st – 9th, 2021.

This workshop is supported by Cork County Council.

Lisa Cliffe is a contemporary dance artist and facilitator with a particular interest in place based exploration and engaging the sensorial body in performance and multimedia. She has collaborated with Greywood Arts and the May Sunday festival with May bush making workshops since the festival’s revival in 2018. Lisa has also led numerous arts based sensory experiences in Glenbower wood.

Formerly a primary teacher, she holds an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick (2010). Lisa is currently working as a Creative Associate with the Creative Schools Programme. She is mentoring five primary schools across Cork county and city, including a special school for children with profound and complex needs.