Secondhand Superstar

Done Deal is the Craigslist of Ireland. You can buy and sell just about anything. There’s also, which is like a cross between Done Deal and Ebay. And because we are on a TIGHT budget for renovating the house and preparing it to become a residency space, I have been scouring these sites like a fiend.

I thought I’d share my best recent finds:

Antique French Wood Burning Stove

2016-02-18 13.53.48Supposedly this is from the 1920s, but could actually be a little older based on the style. This will likely replace our inset stove in the kitchen.

Three Antique Plaster Ceiling Medallions


These came from an incredible townhouse in Dublin. Townhouse might be an understatement. Semi-detached mansion on embassy row might be more apt – the property was bought for 4.5 million euro during the boom (though it sold for “just” 2.5 million after the crash, needing an estimated 1m in repairs!)

Four Belfast Sinks @ 20e Each
These aren’t the actual ones I bought, but it’s pretty much what they look like (photo from

butler-siks-12-5-006These were such a deal, though I did have to drive to Dundalk for them. That’s 3.5 hours away, almost in Northern Ireland. In the U.S., this won’t get you across most states, but to the Irish I seem mad for making the effort.

I52126462t was worth the drive, as I got to scope out an excellent second hand furnishings shop in Drogheda and pick up a flooring sample at an architectural salvage spot in Dublin. They have some reclaimed pine flooring for super cheap, but we need to find out if it is suitable for underfloor heating.

Anyone have opinions on underfloor heating (radiant heat)? We’re planing to go with an Air to Water Heat Pump. It’s like a refrigerator in reverse – it pulls heat out of the air and uses it to heat water to heat the house. Super cool, and very green. It works really well with underfloor heating, which we are considering for the ground floor. The upstairs will have radiators. You can share your thoughts in the comments!

Things I’m currently hunting for on the cheap, in case someone has any leads:

  • Antique light fixtures (ceiling & wall)
  • Double-ended clawfoot bath tub
  • Chesterfield sofa
  • Upright piano
  • Rugs, large and medium sized
  • Bricks or patio pavers

And if you’re feeling generous, we’d love donations of:

  • Good condition white sheets (double or single), duvets and towels for our guests.
  • Tools and gardening equipment
  • Books by Irish writers or visual/performing arts books for the library