Meet Tipsy

She’s our new caravan. Well, from 1994, so she’s been around the block a few times. We collected her from Co. Tipperary today.  Her previous owner was a granny who frequented campsites in Tramore and Trabolgan (yay Cork!)  She gave it to her grandson to sell & put the money towards a car for himself. Very sweet, and great for us, as she was a deal.


Tipsy will spend the summer in the courtyard outside the house. In fact, as we renovate, she will likely be our home-behind-the-house. I’m sure it will be just like being on holiday. For the first five minutes anyway… Clearly we’ve gone mad.

IMG_6956She’s in fairly good condition, but could use some slipcovers on the cushions and some tidy-up in the kitchenette. Eventually, we’d love to give her a full makeover – new vinyl floor, exterior paint, wallpaper, decor – and set her back towards the wooded area.

Hopefully by summer 2017 she’ll be ready to host some glampers (glamping = glamorous + camping!). We’ll let you know when she’s up on Airbnb.

Some Pinterest inspiration for the future:




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