Welcoming Samantha

We are delighted to have Sam on board with us through the opening celebration on 1 July. Already here just over a week, she has proved herself to be a fabulous intern! She will be helping us with social media, funding research, and an exhibition about the history of our house for the opening.




My name is Samantha. I’m from Belgium and am 24 years old. I am currently working with Jessica at Greywood Arts to improve my English skills and get more experience in order to find a job in the cultural sector.

I took a Master’s degree in Conservation and Preservation of artworks in ESA Saint-Luc of Liege and I took a 2-year-Master’s degree in Museology in the University of Liege. Obviously, I am into arts and culture – I have been painting and drawing since I am 11 years old.

Nevertheless, that is not my only interest. I have always been into protection of the environment and animals, therefore after my studies I went to the South of France to take part in an eco-volunteering for the protection of turtles.

I love reading as well and, thanks to my studies and my numerous internships, I have learnt the necessity of diversity. Therefore, I have discovered a range of interesting areas, often linking with art, environment or animals. Indeed, I have taken a fancy to history, politics, economics and societal issues and I am reading as much as possible about them.

Because of all of that, I love travelling (or maybe is it the opposite?) and every year I try to travel as much as possible.

Doing an internship in Ireland has offered a great opportunity for me and I am glad (and very lucky) to be part of the Greywood adventure.

Hopefully my life will continue being full of art, culture, travel projects, discoveries and amazing meetings as well.