Artist in Residence: Clare Byrne

We are over the moon to introduce Clare Byrne, our first artist in residence. She arrives from the US in less than a week, and while we are scrambling to get ready, we’ll let you sit back and enjoy some of her work.

at-the-stationClare is a lifelong dancer, choreographer, and performance experimenter, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Dance at University of Vermont. She works closely with sound, silence, and words. New to songwriting, she will be investigating ways to re-cross-fertilize the roles of dancer and musician through creating a solo music-and-dance performance piece. Clare is exploring how the physicality of playing music translates into meaning and dance in the body, and vice versa. She’s interested in how old bluesmen and women did this, in how popular entertainers do it today, and in integrating more radical contemporary performance art approaches. There are notably few experimental choreographers working this way.

Clare will share an in-progress peek at  “Song and Dance Man” (working title) during our Open House on Saturday 18th February, from 2 – 4 pm

Clare will be teaching the Improvisation Class at Firkin Crane on Thursday 9th February, from 10 – 11:30 am 

clare-guitar-back-copyClare’s plan is to get nitty-gritty in generating dance material while in residence at Greywood Arts. Then, she’ll be putting together this material and other ingredients: the songs, already developed, as well as several characters that she has worked with in past and present dances – Wet Blue, White Witch, and The Folksinger – who are likely to be presences in this show, each with different moods, colours, or dynamics of movement. Clare finds an Irish affinity in her song style, content, and several of her characters, a sort of “blues-folk-style.” There has been a strong flavour of both Irish and African-diasporas’ music/movement style as part of her creative expression. Clare has Irish roots, but has never been to Ireland. She told us she has “a strong intuition that tapping into that motherland juice will be helpful for this project.” We can’t wait to see what she does.

“Oh, I think of myself more as a song and dance man, y’know…” – Bob Dylan

You can hear more of Clare’s music on her website:

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