Exile Project – what’s a micro-bookshop?

We’re having a great time introducing you to all of the talented artists collaborating on the opening! Last, but not least, we have Lola Delton, who will exhibit her micro-bookshop Exile.

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Lola is a French artist based in Cork. In 2015, she started to get involved with Cork Community Printshop. She created Exile Project, to host exhibitions in relation to the screen-printing studio. It carries on in the form of an itinerant micro-bookshop – a selection of books curated by Lola, chosen not only for their content but for their design. It all packs up into a little suitcase.

This name comes from the idea of self-imposed exile when one looks at artwork or reads a book and is sent travelling to unknown places – the enriching journey that we may be carried into.

She tells us its story :

In beginning 2016, I went to Brussels and met a self-taught artist and the collective he belonged to, “Hashet”. I helped them prepare a poster for the opening of a show by three French illustrators (Les freres Guedin and Craoman). It was a sparking encounter.

Those illustrators had worked with a publishing company in Marseille, called “Le Dernier Cri”, which I had heard about. I was so curious and excited by the work and I dived into it.

Through encounters, contacts, interests, (which just kept on growing and transported me in this creative whirlwind), I started to collect some books; books that were actually pieces of art in themselves.

This enthusiasm was really such that I thought some other people might also like to hear about it, find out, share it. And I was also so grateful that there were such wonderful people doing such amazing works, that I really wanted to support it in my own way.

And I thought of this micro-bookshop project.

Exile blossomed.

Will you find a book or zine to treasure at the Opening Celebration?