Greywood House Exhibition Saturday

mvt floor1

The Movement Studio ready to set up the exhibition

The Opening Celebration is just days away and we’d like to share a really special project with you. Samantha, our intern with a background in museum studies, has been working diligently on an exhibition for the Opening Celebration.

This exhibition, called Greywood House, aims to introduce the history of the house, explain what an artist’s residency is, and what our goals are. It will be set up in newly finished movement studio.

Sam has been working very hard on both on the content and on the visuals to create a pleasant experience through the history of Greywood House.

Sam says: Our Opening is an opportunity for us to tell you more about Greywood Arts. As we are now a part of the Killeagh village, it is important that we be understood by its inhabitants and that our presence here makes sense for them.


working out the details

  • Did you know that the house was built in 1767 and was the original Killeagh House?
  • Or that after more than a century in the Davis family it became an RIC barrack?
  • And that it was a sawmill from the 1920s to the 1950s? And a guest house in the 1960s?
  •  Did you know that from now on, we are able to welcome writers, painters, musicians, dancers, performers and many more?

Do you know something about the house – details, stories, anecdotes that we should know? If so, get in touch!

We already have a rich historic foundation, and are currently writing new chapters Become a part of our story at the Opening Celebration on July 1st and start this new adventure with us!