Thoughts on the Week from Naomi Litvack

Our current artist-in-residence, Naomi Litvack, shares her experience at Greywood Arts this week. She will be showing and talking about her work-in-progress at our Opening Celebration on Saturday!

From Naomi:
I began the residency here at Greywood Arts with a view to transcribing in paint my experiences of Killeagh and the surrounding area. I have been almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and the sense of history within the Greywood house itself.
I have presented these experiences in the resultant paintings, and have experimented over the week with various methods of doing so.The residency has provided me with the space to experiment and focus solely on my practice. IMG_1866
The paintings are the product of a week filled with investigation, focus and of course support from the warmth and generosity of Jessica and Hughie in their beautiful, creative home.