On Crafting a Novel – Workshop for Writers

Greywood Arts is delighted to host a workshop by January’s writer-in-residence, Margareth Stewart:


Five simple techniques to make it a hit!

23 January, 2018
Tuesday at 7pm

To reserve a place email create@greywoodarts.org or ring Jessica at 083.845.1750.


Margareth Stewart is the pen name for Mônica Mastrantonio. Ms. Mastrantonio will share insights into the process of writing her novel, OPEN – Pierre’s Journey after War. She will also detail five techniques to make your novel a hit:

  • daily routine
  • original plot
  • strong characters
  • the element of surprise
  • the voices.

MargarethStewartMônica Mastrantonio holds a PhD in Social Psychology and teaches Social Projects through Literature and Local Stories. She is the editor and publisher of three anthologies: “Whitmanthology”: on Loss and Grief (2016), “Womanthology”: writings on women worldwide (2016), and “The pain that unites us all” (2017). “The 7 sinkers: a view from below” is her book of short stories and “Open” is her debut novel. Her next novel is “Mademoiselle-sur-Seine”/on plaisir & bonne vie. This Zen-mother of three loves life, her tattoos, and dancing. She lives part of her time in South America, Europe and Miami.

OPEN – Pierre’s Journey after War is the story of a man whose young family is killed during aerial bombings of France in WWII. Pierre survives in near despondency, eventually embarking on the vagabond life as his outlet for grief and for time to ponder revenge. Despite suffering continuous reflections of his tragic past, Pierre journeys across continents bestowing kindness to other troubled souls.



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