Sometimes a day away is all you need…

Quiet. Fresh perspective. Giving yourself permission to put aside the quotidien and mundane for a brief period of focus. IMG_9290-T

Many residency programs have a one week minimum, and some even prefer you visit for a full month. But we believe every project is different, and each artist’s circumstances are unique. Work and family commitments, limited budgets, or scheduling a diverse group of collaborators can make extended work periods less viable. So when we have the availability, we don’t mind if you come for just a few nights.  You know what your process requires!


While the movement and visual art studios will be closed for winter this year until we sort out better heating, we have the library (pictured below, with piano) available as workspace for musicians from January onward. The writer’s den (pictured above) is currently available from the 18-29 March, and then again from 8 April onwards.


Applications for summer 2018 are starting to roll in, so if you’re thinking about applying do get in touch! Application information can be found on our Programs page.