DAWG Crazy

On Saturday we are delighted to be hosting a Christmas Market in aid of one of our favourite charities: Cork Dog Action Welfare Group, aka Cork DAWG. The people behind the scenes, all volunteers, work tremendously hard to rescue and re-home so many dogs. The dogs, it goes with out saying, are pretty fabulous, too!

DAWG Chrismtas Fair WEB

We’ll also be happy to collect any donations of tinned food for the shelter dogs on the day.

So this is Miya.

She was our first foster dog in 2016. Or rather, a “foster fail”, as she is still here with us, and we are her forever home.  She’s a dalmatian, likely crossed with a pointer or setter of some kind. Dalmatians used to run alongside carriages to protect them – she is fast!

To be honest, we knew there was a chance we would keep her as soon as we applied to foster – she looked so much like Elvis – our rescue from Monaghan Pound. The black patches over their eyes, the spots! But we weren’t sure how having two dogs would be…

Pets Miya Elvis

It turns out two was just the right number. Elvis, a Llewellyn (English) Setter, is full of energy and stays outside all day. It’s great for him to have a companion in the fields – and on the sofa!

Pets Elvis sofa

In 2017, once the dust from renovations had settled, we decided to foster with DAWG again:

  • Tucker, an 8 yr old Staffie
  • Rogue, the gentlest old shepard, was with us two months.
  • Casey, a young staffie
  • Otto, a darling ‘ol collie
  • Velma & Lulu, sister American Bulldogs
  • And Roy, a gunshy German Shorthaired Pointer.

Oh, Roy. I named him after Roy Orbison (or maybe Roy Rogers?)  He fell off the sofa four times the first week. He has loads of spots. There’s not a bit of badness in him. And now, Roy is number three – he’ll be staying on an joining the madness here at Greywood. ❤

Fostering is a fantastic experience. Yes, it can require time, and patience. Yes, there are times when the dogs made me want to tear my hair out. But the looks on their faces when you are kind to them, when you give them love, it’s just too precious. Fosterers receive great support from the rescue, who takes care of all the medical expenses. You can do it as often as you like, and there is no pressure when you’re not available, or if the dog isn’t the right fit for your situation. People often say they’ll get too attached if they foster – as you see it can happen. But really, you know when it’s right. It felt right to keep Roy. Far more often, you meet a family that is the perfect match, and you can see how both the dog and humans will be so happy together. It just feels right! Even if it is hard to say goodbye.

If I’ve convinced you, you can apply to foster with DAWG here.

Or maybe you want to see the cute faces available to adopt?

Can’t have a dog? You can sponsor one who needs special care.

If you’re in East Cork, come along Saturday night. It will be a lovely, relaxing time to sip mulled wine, listen to some live music, and start your holiday shopping!